Do you ever feel like you are loosing your breath? Here you'll learn how to link breath and movement. Designed to stretch, strengthen and energize, these classes awaken every point of your body.

Expect: High-Heat, Sweat, Dynamic Movement, Upbeat music


This is a chance for you to focus on You. Close your eyes, as you slowly swim into a deep tissue cleanse. Releasing all those deeply held toxins and emotions, you will leave your mat completely regenerated.

Expect: Moderate-Heat, Sweat, Slow movement, Static poses, Calming music


Shake off the dust and accumulated stress in this fast paced sequence. Designed for challenge and built to increase flexibility, this session will take you to uncharted territories.

Expect: High-Heat, Sweat, Dynamic movement , Upbeat music


Ever feel like you do not have time for yourself? Here you will be nurtured and nourished through slowly guided sequences, designed to help you get in tune with yourself.

Expect: Cooling, Slow movement, Calming music


You wish your mind had a break? Give it a break. Learn the best techniques for relaxation.Expect: Serenity Breathing exercises, Calming music,

Expect: Serenity Breathing exercises, Calming music,


18:00 - 19:00